Secrets of Earning on TikTok

TikTok is a unique entertainment app designed for the creative people. There you can show your full potential and turn the most creative ideas into life. However, any author needs acknowledge from the audience, because his motivation to continue, to create and not to give up depends on it a lot. Let’s discuss, howpopular Tik Tok users have achieved their success, and see what financial benefit may be received from the app.

• Audience = money!
• Followers
• Advertising
• Money
• Promotion of newbies
• Other social networks

Audience = money!

It is a well-known fact that money can be earned due to the activity of the audience at any resource. And TikTok in this case is no exception to the rule. Therefore, the popularity and number of followers is related directly to the financial benefit of the user.


Newbie users of the site often wonder how to get Tik Tok followers. Well, your main task is to create the videos that are liked by the audience of the app. Try to study thoroughly your recommendations and popular videos to draw conclusions about the direction to move in. Then the system itself will start recommending you to other users. Follow the trends and keep up with them, so that as many people as possible get interested in you.

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Another factor to develop your TikTok and gain your audience is the purchase of advertising from more popular users. Keep in mind that the style of creativity chosen by yourself should be similar to the style of a person from whom you buy advertising. This method, of course, requires some financial investments, but the result in this case will not be long in coming.


Having discussed the problem of recruiting an audience, it is worth moving on to another important question, namely “how to earn money in Tik Tok app?” The service itself prohibits leaving third-party sponsored links, but this does not prevent TikTokers from earning money.

Promotion of newbies

Many new users are interested in advertising at other, more popular users. You will be able to tag their accounts in your videos, thereby promoting these users and attracting the audience to their works. This service, no surprise, is in great demand in the app, as it promotes quickly and efficiently. This is one of the options for earning, which, perhaps, is the easiest, but there is also another popular way.

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Other social networks

On TikTok you can leave links to your profiles in other social networks, this increases the number of followers by bringing them from one social network to another, if they haven’t joined it earlier. Therefore, if other sites bring you a good income, you can attract new users to increase it with the help of TikTok. An excellent choice would be to link it to your Instagram page, as it allows selling and advertising goods and services (under the law, of course). You can also leave a link to your YouTube channel where views of your videos are monetized.
Thus, making money on TikTok is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Go for it and it will work out!