Hashtags, Posting Rules and Other Blogger Tips

There are many Instagram content ideas that allow users to increase their page rank and get a lot of likes and followers. Funny Instagram posts, as well as informative ones, affect the rating of the account. You can post anything on Instagram, but it’s important that users like this content. Likes and comments on posts help increase the page rank. And popular profiles allow their owners to earn money without leaving home. Even the birthday posts on Instagram for your friends allow increasing the activity on the page.


  • What to post on Instagram
  • Frequency of posting on Instagram
  • What photos can be used for a post
  • Using keywords and hashtags on Instagram
  • Why is it important to have an active account for earning on Instagram
  • How to increase the popularity of an Instagram account

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What to post on Instagram

In this social network, you can find absolutely any information. Some users post personal photos and videos, telling about interesting moments in their lives. Others share reviews on purchased goods and products. Some users talk about travel and interesting places worth visiting. Also on Instagram, you can publish video recipes, workshops on making toys or clothes. Humorous videos and funny posts also attract the attention of users, which allows increasing the activity on the page.

Frequency of posting on Instagram

To increase the rating of your account, it is important to correctly place information in your account. If these are standard posts with a photo or video and long text, their placement should be no more than 2-3 times a day. It is important to observe the time interval. The best time to post on Instagram is in the early morning, lunch, or evening. Publications on weekends are less in demand than on weekdays.

What photos can be used for a post

Posting photos and videos depending on what text will be written underneath. Although some users post photos that have nothing to do with text to attract attention to the post. Be sure the photos should be high-quality, vibrant. Some bloggers use the services of professional photographers to create beautiful photos.

Using keywords and hashtags on Instagram

Experienced bloggers advise posting hashtags for each Instagram post. Hashtags are keywords that allow searching for information on the Internet. Even if the search is not carried out on Instagram, but in any search engine, users will be able to find your post precisely by these keywords.

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Why is it important to have an active account for earning on Instagram

The more activity on the Instagram page, the higher is the user’s income. This is due to the fact that popular pages are viewed much more often than those that have a small number of followers. Especially this rule applies to those who want to make money on advertising other people’s goods and services. Advertising agents offer beneficial cooperation to account owners with a huge audience. And the higher is the number of followers, the higher is the earnings.

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How to increase the popularity of an Instagram account

The increase in popularity happens in many ways. Of course, it is important to publish interesting and high-quality content, post beautiful photos, and videos communicate with followers. But you can use other methods that accelerate the process of increasing the rating of your Instagram account. For example, contacting specialists of services that help promote social networks account for a fee. The cost of services is quite affordable, in addition, all expenses pay off very quickly. Professionals help to increase the number of followers, likes, reposts, and comments, without violating the rules of the social network.

Instagram is a great opportunity for those who want to grow their own business and start making money. It is important to use various methods to increase Instagram popularity indicators, but do not violate the rules of the social network.