How Instagram Makes Users Break Rules

Owners of less popular accounts are constantly thinking of how to get a lot of views on Instagram videos. Naturally, this applies not only to the views, but also to the likes, followers, comments. Many users, in order to satisfy their personal ambitions, get additional opportunities or just for the sake of imaginary popularity, resort to the use of “shady” services that will ultimately lead to blocking or shadow ban. Let’s discuss in more detail why to cheat the activity.


  • The difference between cheat and promotion
  • Goals of cheating
  • Dispelling myths

The difference between cheat and promotion

First of all, let’s clarify this not to confuse the similar terms.

Cheat is an artificial account promotion. These are bought likes, followers, comments in a certain amount. Some services even allow to boost up Instagram video views free, by watching the same videos.

Promotion is the similar increase in activity and followers mass, but all actions happen at one’s own will. Instagram account can be promoted by purchasing targeted advertising, ordering PR from bloggers, etc.

Goals of cheating

Consider the goals pursued by people who resort to cheating:

  1. Increased confidence in the page. Users think that the bigger is the number of followers and likes, the greater is the credibility of the account.
  2. Competitive profile. The logic is that you have to be better than your competitors, having more followers. “If they cheat, why should not I?”
  3. Monetization of the account. The demand for advertising will increase if there are many followers. It will also be possible to post links in Stories.
  4. New account. Many users believe that no one will follow a page if it has only 10 followers. It is necessary to give weight to the account by boosting up followers.
  5. Making others jealous. By the way, some services advertise their services just like that.
  6. Adding links in Stories. After crossing the threshold of 10 thousand followers, the “Add Link” feature opens in Stories. For the sake of this, some users are trying to boost up a followers mass.

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Dispelling myths

All boosted users are not the target audience. In most cases, these are ordinary bots that are not active and only harm the account.

Constant cheat of people will not work, but it will cause suspicion among other “live” users. For example, if followers and likes on posts were cheated for a month, and then stopped, how could we assess the situation that, with a thousandth audience, the activity indicators on the account have decreased sharply?


Imagine that there are 5 thousand followers on the cosmetics sales page and they are quite active. Accordingly, the account has a good level of ER that helps it to be always in sight. After a while, the store decides to cheat the same number of people again to kill its competitor in numbers and get the opportunity to post links in Stories.

As a result, most followers are disinterested people, and because of this the smart Instagram feed cuts the reach, that is your posts will not visible to everyone. Further, the social network system can calculate the boost and simply delete all the new arrivals alongside with the comments and likes. Plus, you can still get a shadow ban or a full account block.

Of course, not all cheating services are that bad, in some cases they are just necessary. However, now Instagram is trying to strengthen the measures related to the artificial promotion of the accounts. Soon they will even eliminate likes inside the social network.