How to Become a Beauty Blogger on Instagram? 5 Steps to Earn the First Money

Blogger is a profession of the 21st century! No matter where you live, no matter what level of education you have, blogging is available to everyone who has a computer, Internet access and a camera on a smartphone.

Earnings of top bloggers are amazing, while they are doing what they love and completely manage their lives. There is no place for a monotonous eight-hour workday and strict bosses, threatening fines and dismissal.

Are you a stylish girl who knows a lot about makeup and skin care?

Do you keep up with fashion trends?

Do you know the most popular beauty blogs names and constantly learn the subject?

Do you like filming on a camera and trying new things?

We recommend that you start a personal blog on Instagram and monetize it, following our tips.


  1. Choosing a niche.
  2. Designing the account correctly.
  3. Emotional communication with the audience, the involvement of followers.
  4. Secrets of an attractive feed.
  5. Where to get followers?
  6. Conclusion.

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Choosing a niche

How to become a beauty blogger on Instagram and not get lost among thousands of others?

First of all, choose the right niche. It should be something that “ignites” you, which you are ready to talk about at any time of the day or night.

You are a hairdresser and you know everything about fashionable hairstyles and coloring, hair care and styling products? Devote a blog to this topic!

Were you able to get rid of acne on your own, while cosmetologists could not help? Share your experience by making a skin care theme a priority.

Manicure, makeup, home spa treatments, tattooing, hair removal, reviews on new collections of fashion designers, selection of relevant outfits from mass market – there are lots of directions, choose the one you like most.

Important! Remember, it’s pointless to pretend, the audience will quickly “figure you out”. If you do not like make up, do not try positioning yourself as a makeup guru. If stylish looks for every day are not your hobby, and you like wearing old jeans and snickers? Do not make yourself a professional stylist.

Do not imitate someone, copy someone else’s style and lifestyle. Be yourself!

Designing the account correctly

Many have a personal blog on Instagram, a properly designed account is a rarity. Do not write a lot in the profile header, use hyphenation and emoji – no one wants to read a solid long text.

Indicate information about yourself so that others become interested:

– What is special about you?

– Is there anything unusual in your biography?

– Who you are?

If you join the social network with far-reaching plans and the desire to earn money, immediately open a business account. Why?

It has a number of advantages:

  1. It can be advertised: set up the promotion of the most successful post in the feed to attract new followers.
  2. Access to statistics (useful for analysis and in collaboration with brands): track audience actions by time and involvement.

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Emotional communication with the audience, the involvement of followers

Would you like to become a successful Instagram blogger with beautiful photos?

In fact, beautiful pictures are no less important. Dry professional advice will soon bore readers. Tell something from life, share your own thoughts and something personal that will cause a response from the followers, inspire confidence. Tell the truth – do not invent fables or play an invented role, let people know what you really are.

Brands value the engagement and dedication of the audience – this is the guarantee that the recommendations of the blogger will be trusted.

Do not forget to do surveys, leave calls and questions at the end of the descriptions under the photo, respond to comments, put likes to others, and respond to the audience requests. Follow the accounts on similar subjects.

Secrets of an attractive feed

Professional photos interspersed with low-quality selfies without processing, plus a couple of images from the Internet on abstract topics… No way!

Remember that when a person first logs into your account, they see the feed as a whole, and it should look harmonious and stylish:

  1. Images must be of high quality, taken in good light.
  2. Adhere to a single visual style.
  3. Use a couple of your favorite Instagram filters or other editors.

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Choose the regularity of publications that is comfortable for you and acceptable to the public, make a schedule and clearly follow it using the services of postponed posts. Do not disappear for a long time – they will forget about you. Don’t “bomb” followers with a lot of posts in the feed – you will annoy them.

Where to get followers?

  1. Pay attention to hashtags – users interested in a certain topic can find you by them. The more popular is the hashtag, the more competitors there will be. Avoid those that have millions of results.
  2. Regularly shoot Stories – they can be seen by those who have never heard of you, if you indicate your geolocation, choose successful hashtags, tag famous people and brands, conduct polls. Having gained the first ten thousand followers, you can insert the function of switching by the built-in link on the swipe up in Stories.
  3. Hold contests and giveaways.
  4. Follow other people, put likes.
  5. Use the proven services of buying likes and followers, for example, ALL-SMM. Growing your audience in an organic way, you will move very slowly, and your enthusiasm might soon fade. By choosing a high-quality following boost up service, you risk nothing and will quickly find yourself in the top. Many successful beauty bloggers on Instagram admit that they have used this tool at the beginning of the journey.

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As you can see, becoming a blogger on Instagram is not difficult. The main thing is perseverance and love for what you do! Follow our tips and soon you will receive the first commercial offers from brands and start earning on your hobby. Good luck!