How to Become Famous on Instagram

Instagram is a unique social platform that provides unlimited opportunities for self-PR. With its help, you can quickly collect an impressive fan base, win the love and recognition of the audience. However, achieving this without knowing the secret chips will not be easy.


  1. Basics of account management

1.1. Same style and design of the feed

1.2. Content plan

1.3. Feedback

  1. Current trends

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Basics of account management

Cannot figure out a secret how to become famous on Instagram? In reality, everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to be consistent and active, regularly make posts and add stories. But isn’t it that what all users of the social network do? Partially, yes. However, there is a number of small tricks and nuances, ignoring which prevents success. In this article, we share the Instagram likes hack, which will help to significantly increase engagement and reach.

Same style and design of the feed

The first step is to set up an account correctly. This procedure involves the following actions:

  • thinking over a short and capacious name that would be associated with the theme and concept of the profile;
  • creating a heading (here it is important not to forget to use emoticons, as well as try to keep within the range of 140 to 160 characters);
  • upload a profile picture (if this is a personal account, a photo should be used where the face is clearly visible; if it is the business account, add a well-read logo);
  • Stories design – the best is to use beautiful and concise templates.

As for the main feed, it is best to keep it in a single style. Firstly, it is aesthetically pleasing and looks great. And, secondly, it allows to receive additional attention from the audience, expressed in 1000 likes on Instagram.

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Content plan

Unfortunately, many newbie bloggers do not realize the importance of content plans, and they are the key element that determines the success of an account. Why is it important to create such a posting schedule?

  • Avoid informational silence (when you simply have nothing to write about).
  • Help determine the concept and theme of the blog.
  • Allow to plan an advertising budget (if you are going to work with a target).
  • Allow to think through the visual component of the feed, select the most harmonious pictures.

So, how to get the most likes on Instagram? Start writing high quality content plan!


Another important nuance that allows to collect an impressive audience. Time in social networks does not flow like in real life. Here, any message ceases to be significant and relevant after a couple of hours. And therefore, if during this period you did not have time to respond to the follower’s comment, most likely you have already lost their attention.

If you want to build a warm and trusting relationship with your audience, try to respond as promptly and well as possible to any statements on your page. Only by maintaining communication (and sometimes initiating it), you can get active followers.

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Current trends

Do not forget about popular trends! What is fashionable on Instagram today?

  • animation;
  • situational content;
  • masks;
  • storytelling;
  • live profiles and accounts;
  • real emotions;
  • honesty and openness (meaning that you must be prepared to truthfully speak on topical issues).

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Summing it up, we can conclude that becoming popular on Instagram is not difficult. However, you must be prepared to invest a lot of effort, time and energy. After all, the preparation of a quality content plan, the design of a profile and the establishment of feedback are rather time-consuming procedures.