How to Make Your Account Popular?

A social network called Instagram has become one of the main social networks in the modern world. Most celebrities and public people have accounts here; schoolchildren, students, entrepreneurs, and all users have only one question: how to get lots of likes on Instagram? Most users of the social network are obsessed with the idea of having a popular account.


1. What affects the popularity

1.1. Key indicators

2. Ways to make your account popular

2.1. Advertising

2.2. Word of mouth

2.3. Key indicators cheat

What affects the popularity

It is important to understand what indicators have the greatest influence on the popularity and what a popular account means in general. The most popular one is the account with the posts causing the greatest excitement among the followers and not indifferent users. Any opinion expressed by the author is a reason for discussion. This may be not just a photo, but also a video, or some interesting comment about an acute problem.

Key indicators

However, it is worth moving to the specifics. There are three main indicators that influence the popularity of the account: followers, likes and comments. The number of followers is the number of users tracking your posts automatically. Likes are a way of demonstrating agreement with the issue or opinion being raised, or a way of showing attitude to the content or post. Comments are the discussion of a separate post with certain content.

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Ways to make your account popular

So, how to make your account popular? Let’s analyze three main ways requiring money and efforts. However, do not get scared, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Of course, for achieving success you will have to work, but the end result will please you.


The most obvious option when it comes to your account promotion is buying ads. You can buy ads from popular bloggers or use the services of Instagram itself and then advertising posts will appear in the feed for all users. Obviously, the second option is more profitable. The fact is that special Instagram algorithms are used and advertising posts will be seen only by those users who in theory could be interested in this content. The first option is suitable if you are 100% sure that the audience of the blogger may be interested in your content.

Word of mouth

The longest way, however it is free, is using a tool of the so called ‘word of mouth’. Publish interesting content regularly, participate in discussions under popular posts, work hard to achieve the results. Finally, you will understand, how to get hundreds of likes in Instagram and will be able to become the owner of one of the most popular accounts. However, keep in mind that this way will take a lot of time.

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Key indicators cheat

If you do not want to wait and would like to get a popular account today, the only way is to cheat the necessary key indicators. This method has many advantages. First of all, it is cheaper than buying advertising. Secondly, it is faster. In addition, you get a guaranteed result: the growth of followers is observed in any account, no matter what method of cheat is being used. Today, you can boost up anything: views, likes, followers and even comments with the specific content.