How to Make your Instagram Account Interesting

Promotion might get quite difficult if you are not a celebrity. Therefore, you should learn how to see how many likes on Instagram, and also use some likes for Instagram app. So you can easily monitor your account statistics and use efficient promotion methods.


  • Where to start
  • How to present information about yourself
  • How to make Stories
  • Conclusion

Where to start

Pay attention to your idea. Decide on the subject before creating any posts. You must set a clear goal you will spend your free time and energy for.

You can use one of these ideas to create an account:

  • description of everyday life if your life is filled with interesting and fascinating events;
  • travels description – hiking, trips to hotels, resorts;
  • moving to another country, advice for people who are going to move;
  • descriptions of books, series, films, writing reviews;
  • posts on educational topics and social development;
  • nature, landscape design, beautiful photos of plants;
  • educational resource – for example, recording lessons on a specific topic;
  • secrets of creating an individual style in clothes and makeup;
  • interesting stories about pets;
  • proper nutrition and weight loss;
  • sports communities are also popular.

There are many different topics. Choose the most interesting and think up what you can post on this subject. Try making test posts to find out what is the closest to your interests.

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How to present information about yourself

When creating an account, you must provide the most complete information about yourself. To edit a profile, go to the settings:

  • to create a unique name, use numbers, letters, underscores and dots;
  • come up with some unique combination of your name in English, you can combine it with your occupation;
  • change the profile picture – it should be associated with your occupation, as well as intrigue the potential follower;
  • write a description under the photo – tell what you are doing, how you can be contacted, briefly describe your personality;
  • try to design the account in one style – the same element or a certain color scheme should be there.

How to make Stories

Stories are short videos of your life. It could be walks, fun moments, instructions. Usually they are stored for a day. Readers love watching them, and for the account owners it is a good opportunity to diversify the dry information.

Do not overuse Stories. Do not use too bright posts that will only scare the audience away. Follow these guidelines:

  • post interesting and useful content;
  • contact readers, ask questions and answer;
  • link to other interesting profiles.

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To create and maintain an Instagram account, you should spend time and effort. If you do not have time for this, you can use the services specializing on promotion, for example, ALL-SMM.