How to post video clips on Instagram?

Every Instagram content creator knows that today it is the video format that is especially appreciated by users. This is not surprising, because our smartphones are becoming more powerful, and mobile or wireless Internet is available everywhere and is inexpensive. A beautiful video series is able to give more information in a couple of minutes than a hundred beautiful photos with long descriptions. Is there an Instagram video length limit? Are there any special requirements for videos and how to publish video clips on Instagram from your phone?


1. Download a clip from your smartphone.

2. Do not forget about the routine work of a blogger!

3. Adding videos to Stories


Downloading a clip from your smartphone

How to post video clips on Instagram if you have a mobile gadget with Internet access? The correct algorithm of actions when adding a video will be as follows:

1. Open your page in Insta. Click the “+ “icon in the middle.

2. You have opened a gallery of your videos. Select the one you want to share.

Important: if the clip is longer than a minute, it will automatically be cut off. Output: download a free or paid video editor to your phone and bring the video to the desired timing yourself, removing the excess or increasing the playback speed. You can also crop it when publishing using the built-in social network filter.

3. The Instagram filter opens and the average user has a strong desire to apply some cool effect to make the video more beautiful and impress subscribers. Do not rush to do this, because this is not a photo, and applying a filter to the entire video sequence can significantly worsen its perception by viewers. If necessary, trim the video by moving the slider to the right and left, select the desired part of the source file.

4. Preview. Do not neglect this function, because it is better to spend an extra minute to make sure that the content is valid yourself than to read negative comments from followers! Click the “play” button and see what happened in the end.

5. Choose a frame for the cover of the video – this is what users will see in their feed. A random frame can be a distorted face, or something blurred and fuzzy while moving – track this moment, subscribers should want to see what you have created for them.

Do not forget about the routine work of a blogger!

So, the video was shot and edited, but to make it a full-fledged product, you need to make a description, because many users disable the automatic playback function and it is by the text under the clip that they decide whether to watch it at all. Don’t forget about hashtags and geolocation mark – thanks to them, you can be found by those who are interested in your topic or product, that is, your potential followers. Tag people in the video if they are related to it. After doing all this, click “share” and wait for views and public reaction.

If there are few subscribers and a lot of effort is invested in creating content, you should consider using promotion services, such as ALL-SMM. Thanks to high-quality help with the promotion of Instagram account, you will be able to stand out among millions of monotonous profiles in a short time and show yourself, your product or creativity to the world!

Adding videos to Stories

Unfortunately, there is a limit of 15 seconds – this means that the video will have to be cut, or sequentially spread pre-prepared “miniseries”, which will take a lot of time. Think about whether you need it because in a day stories will disappear if you do not save it.

1. Click on the avatar in the story feed.

2. Select a video file from the gallery and cut the desired fragment in the editor that opens.

3. If desired, add stickers, stickers, gifs, hashtags, and location markers.

4. Click “next” and mark in the list of those with whom we want to share our creation.


If there are problems with the publication of video clips, check the application update and Internet connection speed. These are the most common causes of boot problems.

Remember that when you publish a finished video to Instagram, it is automatically compressed, and its quality deteriorates. Therefore, it is better to shoot a video format directly to a social network. Just go to your profile, click on”+”, choose a video and start recording! Everything will work out, and your subscribers will definitely react to the live style of communication in the story or a spontaneous clip. And you can get Instagram views immediately. Good luck!