How to start a blog on Instagram: all the subtleties and nuances

Planning to start blogging on Instagram, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to get Instagram followers? In this article, we share useful tricks and life hacks that will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time, popularize your own page without attracting huge investments.


1. Where to start?

2. Strategy development

2.1. A food blog

2.2. Beauty-blog

2.3. Travel blog

2.4. Moodboard

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Where to start?

Today, being a blogger is not only incredibly exciting but also profitable. Advertising integrations, contracts of ambassadors and many other types of mutually beneficial cooperation are guaranteed for those who were able to promote Instagram and gather an active live audience. This raises a reasonable question: how to start an Instagram blog?

Most people mistakenly believe that the key point lies in beautiful pictures and photos. Yes, indeed, the visual component is incredibly important for this social network. However, the main role is still assigned to the fundamental concept. In other words, you must clearly understand what problem your profile is designed to solve. For example, to introduce users to simple and useful recipes or to highlight the cultural characteristics of other countries, etc. from Here, the first step to start an Instagram blog is to define goals and objectives.

Among the most typical are the following:

  • increase personal brand awareness;
  • increase in sales;
  • attract new customers;
  • promotion of a new service.

When you are able to answer the question of what the account is created for, go to the next step – developing a strategy. This is one of the main aspects of how to share a blog on Instagram.

Strategy development

Currently, you can find a wide variety of profiles on the Internet – dedicated to art and cinema, telling about the lives of stars, containing useful tips and life hacks, and much more. As a rule, the subject is determined based on the author’s personal interests. So, for example, if all your thoughts are occupied with cars, it is stupid to start a blog dedicated to beekeeping (unless, of course, this field of activity is not included in the circle of your Hobbies).

However, it is sometimes extremely difficult to understand your own preferences. What if you don’t know what to write about? The best option is to pay attention to the most popular topics and sections. To date, these include:

  • cooking;
  • relations;
  • cosmetics and make-up;
  • journeys.

In addition, a variety of inspiring and motivating accounts with an abundance of beautiful images are in demand. Next, let’s look at a few winning blog categories and briefly list their specific features.

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A food blog

There may be two options for developing the scenario. First – you are an active chef or pastry chef who plans to sell your own dishes via a social network. In this case, the focus should be on developing a personal brand. If you present yourself correctly, you will be able to gather an impressive audience, gain the trust and respect of potential buyers. In addition, each post is a good opportunity to introduce people to their own menu and offered assortment.

Second – you have good culinary skills and theoretical knowledge and are ready to share them with your subscribers. In this case, the blog will mainly focus on a variety of recipes, as well as tricks, secrets, and life hacks.


There are also several options for blogging. The first is the most typical, when you play the role of a makeup artist and show various makeup techniques, demonstrate your own work, share some interesting and unusual techniques. The second is reviews of cosmetics. This is a very good choice because in the future you can count on cooperation with major brands. Another option is to write about current makeup trends. Being relatively young, it has good potential and opportunities for implementation.

Travel blog

Instagram users love beautiful photos, but where else can they take them when traveling? Tell us about the countries and cities you have visited; share atypical tourist places that everyone should visit. In addition, you can tell the story of how your “career” as a traveler began.


Mudboard is a kind of “mood palette”. Combining aesthetically pleasing photos and videos in a single style, it is a design project. One of the most popular profiles in this category is @kbmood. On the page, there are bright and juicy images, short videos. It is noteworthy that the text support is minimal or absent at all.

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What can be the style of such an account? Among the most relevant areas:

  • vintage (in particular, the nineties and noughties);
  • movies (great viral excerpts from cult pictures);
  • aesthetics (elegant and concise photos in warm colors, as well as in the spirit of minimalism);
  • life-style (the most obvious example is the same page of Ksenia Burda).

Summing up all of the above, we note that it is not difficult to start a blog on Instagram. It is much more difficult to responsibly and efficiently perform all the actions necessary for promotion, not to despair and not to lose heart at the first failures (and they, believe me, can not be avoided). Beginners tend to light up very quickly and also cool down quickly. It is an emotional burnout that is the most common cause that prevents you from achieving the desired results. Determine the interests of the target audience, prescribe a content plan, work on the quality of posts and publications, and soon your efforts will bear first fruits.