Instagram as a Way of Self-Expression

Instagram is a popular social network where users share their videos and photos. On Instagram, you can create a personal page that will be devoted to a specific topic. For example, a personal blogs about life, a page with recipes, workshops on making various souvenirs, or open an online store. Earnings on the Internet has not been news for the users. The most successful Instagram bloggers make great money with this social network. Those who sell goods and services through Instagram are rapidly increasing the number of customers. There are also users who can earn money by maintaining a personal blog. But it is important to get views on Instagram.


  • What to post on Instagram
  • What is better to publish on Instagram: posts or Stories
  • Live streaming as a kind of Stories
  • Quick ways to increase the popularity of an Instagram account

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What to post on Instagram

In this social network, users can share absolutely any information, the main thing is that it does not violate the Instagram rules. Some bloggers on Instagram talk about their personal lives, publish interesting photos and videos. A personal blog about life can be of interest to many followers, if you submit the information correctly. Not only a famous person, but absolutely any person can become popular on Instagram. It is important to know how to get a lot of views on Instagram videos in order to increase the number of followers. Publishing stories also increases the activity on the page.

What is better to publish on Instagram: posts or Stories

In this app, you can post information in various ways. Standard posts, which involve adding photos and texts underneath, will not bring the desired result if you do it wrong. The publication of posts should be regular, but no more than 2-3 pieces per day with an equal time interval to be observed. If you want to constantly share information with your followers, you can shoot stories. These are short videos that last no more than 15 seconds. But the story can be added an unlimited number of times, and they are displayed in the news feed for 24 hours. As statistics show, followers are interested in watching these short videos. And if with such a frequency there will be publications of ordinary posts in the news feed of followers, then there is a chance that they will simply unsubscribe from this account.

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Live streaming as a kind of Stories

Followers like when owners of popular accounts shoot live streams. The duration of the live stream is 60 minutes. But you can immediately begin recording another one, as a continuation of the first one. During live streams, followers can chat live with the owner of a popular profile, ask questions, and share their impressions and thoughts. Prizes and lotteries for followers are often organized, which also helps to develop an account.

Quick ways to increase the popularity of an Instagram account

In addition to the fact that it is recommended to follow the rules from above for developing an account on Instagram, there are other ways to increase the number of followers, likes and comments to the posts. Some users turn to the owners of very popular accounts, where the number of followers reaches a million or more people. For a fee, they can advertise your page in their profile, but you need to understand that the cost of such a service will be very high. There is a free way to increase the popularity of your page – apps for boosting likes, comments and other indicators of the account activity. Although this method has certain disadvantages, for example, a large amount of time spent.

A more convenient and profitable method to increase the number of followers on your page is to contact the specialized services. For example, All-SMM. The specialists of this service help to increase the activity in the Instagram account with their secret methods, not violating the rules of the social network. The cost of such a service is quite favorable, in addition, all costs pay off in a short time after the activity in the Instagram account becomes higher.

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You do not need to consider Instagram only as an entertaining app, because many users successfully earn with it. With the app, you can publish any type interesting information. Even if this information is about personal life, this does not mean that other users will not be interested. Some well-known bloggers were very ordinary people who lived in the provinces and had regular jobs. But with the help of Instagram, they became famous and were able to start making good money.