Instagram feed: update features, ranking algorithms

You may have noticed that Instagram posts are not arranged in chronological order, and some may even appear several times in the main feed. It’s all about the new algorithms that came into effect in 2016. We analyze in detail their possible internal errors, tell you whether you can set up a different ranking order!


1. About algorithms for forming a feed

2. How does the smart feed work?

3. How to outsmart the algorithm?

3.1. Engaging content

3.2. Advertising integrations

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About algorithms for forming a feed

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Every day, hundreds of thousands of users generate millions of new posts and publications. In fact, such activity creates difficulties: it is sometimes extremely difficult to find the necessary content in the main feed. And if you are subscribed to several hundred accounts at once-even more so. To solve this problem was introduced Instagram latest update– smart ranking algorithms- on Instagram.

From Now on, Instagram feeds not updating in chronological order. First of all, you see the most interesting, of course, according to the application, records. The site’s management took such a bold step to eliminate the chaos and organize publications more correctly. Note that the innovation has affected not only the specifics of displaying posts, but also the internal profile statistics: engagement, coverage, etc. So, with the introduction of the new tool, the attendance of many accounts has fallen, and the number of likes and comments has decreased significantly.

Why did this happen? To answer this question, you need to understand the features of the “smart” feed. So, among the first Instagram shows news of those profiles that, according to the network, you are most interested in. Although the guide does not disclose the criteria for selection, based on our own experience, we can identify the following:

  • user’s interests (partially formed based on your search queries);
  • interactions with thematic accounts (for example, if you subscribe to a large number of culinary profiles and often visit them, the first in the feed will be all sorts of recipes, life hacks, etc.);
  • geolocation.

Of course, there are other reasons for ranking, but the management of the social network keeps them secret.

Business accounts were the first to feel the impact of the innovation- coverage, and engagement dropped sharply, reducing the number of potential sales. But in parallel, the percentage of sponsored posts increased, which allowed us to draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of correctly configured targeted advertising. Therefore, questions about how to make Instagram feed in chronological order are no longer relevant!

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How does the smart feed work?

So, above we have considered in detail the essence and specifics of the new ranking algorithms, touched on the topic of their impact on the internal statistics of the profile. Now we offer to discuss in more detail the features of the work. How does the “smart” tape work?

In General, everything is very simple: to begin with, the publication is shown to about ten percent of your audience. If it turns out to be interesting to subscribers – they actively put likes and share comments, add an entry to the “Saved” (note that this is a more significant and effective action), then it is shown to the next ten percent, etc.If a fresh post does not pass the focus group test, the number of people who can see it is significantly reduced. In addition, there is a separate category of followers that can evaluate the publication only when you go to the profile.

What is the meaning of this algorithm? First of all, it allows you to deal with low-quality mechanical cheating. After all, as you know, the management of Instagram is extremely negative in relation to services that provide such services. Hence the conclusion: if you want to continue using them without bans and blocks, be extremely careful and do not wind up a lot of subscriptions at once. Create the illusion of natural growth.

How to outsmart the algorithm?

As noted above, after the update was implemented, many business accounts faced a very important problem-a drop in engagement and reach. Hence the question: is it possible to outsmart the internal ranking principles by putting your publication in the top? There are no extreme methods that instantly bring results. However, there are a couple of tricks that help you find success in the long run.

Engaging content

It may sound corny, but the quality of posts still decides. Try to generate really interesting content that would cause responses from subscribers, motivate them to exchange opinions, leave likes. Various contests and games work well, as well as discussions of topical topics.

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Advertising integrations

Currently, Instagram is actively promoting its own marketing services, so you can promote Instagram account well by simply setting up targeted ads correctly. Among the main nuances that you should pay attention to, we can identify the target audience (it should be determined very accurately) and lay a budget.

Summing up all of the above, the introduction of a “smart” feed is quite a sensible and justified decision designed to make the use of a mobile app more comfortable. From now on, you will not have to search for a photo from a close friend in an endless series of uninteresting posts and publications, because the network will display it one of the first. I agree this is very convenient, it saves a lot of time.