Instagram is fully revealed after enabling alerts on your favorite devices

Every social network tries to engage and retain its users. Every blogger wants to get a lot of Instagram likes and followers. Instagram notifications on a computer — a convenient feature for all account owners. They help you keep track of new posts, posts, likes, and other activities within the community you’re interested in. To receive notifications on your devices, you need to activate the function.


  • Customize notifications on Apple devices:
  • Notifications on iPhone;
  • Notifications on MacBook;
  • Android from Google — notifications;
  • Windows computers can also notify their users.

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Setting up notifications on Apple devices

Apple is considered one of the world’s best manufacturers of computers, smartphones, headphones, tablets, and smartwatches. 30% of all owners of electronic devices are Apple customers. So many users are concerned about the question: “How to get notifications from Instagram on iPhone, iMac, and MacBook?”

Notifications on iPhone

There is a myth that Instagram notifications not working iPhone 7. Everything works, the main thing is to configure it correctly.

In the phone settings, go to the “Notifications” section. A list of all the apps installed on your device will open. There you need to find and open Instagram. Pop-up notifications will be enabled after enabling the “allow notifications” option.

The system may ask for permission to receive them. It must be confirmed. In this section, a little below, you can configure additional parameters (sound, vibration, and others).

Directly, in the application itself there is a section “Settings”, and in it “Notifications”. It must be configured to specify which alerts should be sent.

Notifications on MacBook

The Apple system settings menu contains the “Alerts ” section. Through it, you can configure the notification center in the iOS operating system on your Mac. The window that opens on the left will show a list of apps that can work with notifications — find Instagram there.

It happens that there is no Instagram in This list. Then, you need to enable notifications of the browser that is used on the Mac.

Android from Google — notifications

Android is an equally popular operating system that can also work with notifications. In the operating system settings, you need to find the “Notifications ” item. Then choose the Instagram app. set the switch to the “Allowed “position.

The device may request additional permissions to display alerts, and it is desirable to confirm them.

After that, open the social network application. In its settings, there is a section for setting the type of alerts. It specifies the following: notifications about what activities to send, and whatnot.

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Windows computers can also notify their users

You can set up alerts in Windows for a popular social network as follows:

1.         Open “Start” → “Settings” → “System” → ” Notifications»;

2.         In the list that opens, find Instagram, change the position of the switch to “on”.

If there is no social network in the list, proceed as follows. Go to the site Instagram. When he asks for permission to display pop-up notifications in the browser, we allow it.

In conclusion, we would like to note that Instagram is an interesting and popular social network. To keep up to date with news and events related to friends, turn on notifications and enjoy a full connection to this world.