Instagram live streaming features

To develop your profile, it is very important to understand how do you start live on Instagram. Modern web users prefer to watch rather than read. Video formats have become popular today, and Instagram Live is a great way to show yourself, your brand or service.


1.        What is LIVE mode on Instagram?

2.        How to make a glitter effect on Instagram.

3.        What else you need to prepare for a LIVE broadcast.

4.        What are the formats of LIVE broadcasts?

5.        Rules for live streaming on Instagram.

6.        Conclusion.

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What is LIVE mode in Instagram

A LIVE broadcast is a video clip that is recorded and shown directly to users. This video format on Instagram has been available since 2017 and since then, developers have regularly added new features to It. This is a great way to communicate live with an audience that becomes more loyal to you.

Bloggers have adopted this tool and do not hesitate to give their followers the opportunity to look behind the scenes. The LIVE format also has a number of other advantages:

  • When you start a live stream on Instagram, all your subscribers receive a notification inviting them to join.
  • LIVE broadcasts are located at the beginning of the story feed.
  • The avatar of your profile changes its appearance when you start the broadcast, and the play button is added after it ends.
  • Instagram encourages users who regularly launch live broadcasts to put them higher in the feed, which allows you to get more coverage.
  • There is a lot of competition on Instagram, but it’s easier to get Instagram followers ‘ attention in LIVE broadcasts.

How to make a glitter effect on Instagram?

Glitter and twinkle are often used by bloggers on Instagram, as it allows you to better present your content. To use the effects, you don’t need to download a third-party app, just open the app.

Next, launch the LIVE broadcast and click on the sticker (a square Emoji with a curved tip), enter the glitter in the search bar. Here you can also find Instagram blur effect, rainbows, stars, and more. Simply select the desired effect, and then use your fingers to increase it on the screen or decrease it as necessary.

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What else do you need to prepare for a LIVE broadcast

Using Instagram effects, you can vividly submit material, but do not forget about its quality. In order for the live broadcast to be bright and useful for your audience, it is important to think about the following:

  • Goal-the live broadcast must be accompanied by a goal, this can be communicated with the audience, promotion of a product or service, or an answer to a question. By defining the task, you will be able to build a competent marketing strategy.
  • Camera-you should grant access to your Instagram camera if you haven’t done So before.
  • Promotions-previously, it will not be superfluous to post a post announcing the upcoming broadcast. It is important to motivate the audience and explain the advantages of watching the broadcast (Raffles, contests, unique offers, answers to important questions, training, etc.).
  • Settings-before going on the air, it is recommended to check the settings to avoid incidents. You can prevent certain followers from viewing the video, block the ability to share the video or reply to messages. Privacy settings that allow you to hide offensive messages are also an important parameter.

What are the formats of LIVE broadcasts

The most popular format is “question and answer”, which allows you to get feedback from the audience during live communication. To attract more followers, you can organize a contest with a win for the best question. In this format, you will be able to consult about the promoted product or service.

An invited guest who is a professional in the topic under discussion will help to increase the effectiveness of the question-and-answer LIVE stream. To maintain interest, it is not necessary to tell about the main news at the very beginning of the broadcast, it is better to hold this trump card.

If you are planning an interview with an invited guest, then announcing the broadcast, you can ask subscribers to guess who will be your interlocutor. Ask followers to leave comments under posts, thereby increasing engagement. At the end of the broadcast, the guest can determine the most active subscriber himself.

You can also build a live broadcast in the format of an excursion. If you have your own online store, show your subscribers how to complete and send the product, its production, and other points.

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Rules for live streaming on Instagram

The maximum duration of the broadcast is 60 minutes, but it is not necessary to use all this time, usually, 20-30 minutes is more than enough. During the broadcast, try to also take into account the following:

  • Do not fill the airtime with empty conversations, everything you say should be useful and interesting to the listener.
  • Prepare for the broadcast, you should know what to talk about and how much time it will take.
  • Always be polite, otherwise, you risk losing your audience forever.
  • Specify the time zone, as your subscribers may be from different regions.
  • Make a broadcast plan, usually starting with a greeting, useful content, conclusion, and a question-and-answer session.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions, encourage subscribers to communicate with you. Comments, questions, and suggestions bring you closer to CA.


Live streaming gives Instagram users almost limitless opportunities. Communicate openly with your subscribers, show and tell them how the products you sell work, share your opinions, and announce important events. Users are much more loyal to those bloggers who do not hide their face and are always ready to answer exciting questions from the public.