Instagram Posts: How to Design Them Right

Dreaming of hundreds of likes and comments? The only way to get what you want is to work on the quality of the content. In the article we share useful features and techniques for processing and cropping posts!


  1. Correct proportions
  2. Presets

2.1. How to make it?

2.2. What’s trending?

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Correct proportions

At the beginning, Instagram allowed its users to share only images, the aspect ratio of which was 1:1. However, the active modernization of smartphones, which determined the transition to more rectangular shapes, contributed to the fact that this format became obsolete. That is why today you can add posts with more comfortable proportions to the feed. Yes, by default, the app continues to download square pictures. However, by clicking on the <> button, you can independently adjust the formatting by choosing a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

Thus, today the Instagram post size does not have to be 1:1. Moreover, this format is considered obsolete, and therefore is not recommended for use.

The camera of a standard smartphone shoots at a resolution of 3:4. The vertical Instagram post template is 4:5; the horizontal one is 16:9. Why is it important to keep these proportions in mind? In fact, they determine how photos will be displayed on your profile. And this aspect must be taken into account in order to get more likes on Instagram, because the visual component is especially important here.


How to get many likes on Instagram? Without a beautiful profile in a single style, this will be extremely difficult to do. However, the presence of presets and newfangled filters also does not give any guarantees. How can a newbie blogger not get lost in the whole swirl of SMM stuff and create a truly stylish page that can attract the attention of an audience? One of the easiest ways is to use templates.

Among the main advantages of this solution:

  • harmonious feed;
  • help in compiling a content plan (knowing what the next publication will look like, you can quickly come up with a text for it);
  • time saving.

With a package of ready-made templates on hand, you can save a huge amount of time. However, the use of the same type of photos can negatively affect the audience’s perception – lifeless “perfect” accounts are of no interest to anyone today. That is why SMM experts recommend creating all preset elements. So, you do not deprive your page of life and identity.

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How to make it?

Surprisingly, in order to prepare a package of beautiful copyright presets, you do not need anything other than your own smartphone. It’s enough to install one of the processing apps on it, and you’re done – you will have an unlimited choice of tools for creativity.

Which apps are most popular?

  • Canva is free to download, offers several tariff plans;
  • StoryArt is free to download, opens additional options after subscribing.

Both programs offer a variety of layouts for creating presets. In addition, with their help you can make animated videos.

What’s trending?

To create template elements, you need to understand what is relevant today. SMM specialists identify the following trends:

  • gradient transitions;
  • minimalism;
  • vintage;
  • animation;
  • sophisticated collages.

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Thus, presets are a very good tool to make your profile more aesthetically pleasing. With their help, you can beautifully arrange the feed, drawing the attention of more followers.