Instagram security rules

The Instagram app has long been popular with people around the world. It allows you to chat with friends and find new acquaintances, as well as post personal photos and videos, which allows you to save them as in a personal archive. Instagram security settings allow you to restrict access to your page. But it’s also important to know how to block inappropriate content on Instagram. For example, sending spam or photos containing offensive things or elements of violence. Instagram content filtering is available to absolutely any user of this social network.


  • How to restrict access to your Instagram page
  • Why can’t I restrict access to my business account
  • How to block unwanted content on Instagram
  • What is allowed to post on Instagram
  • How to increase your Instagram account rating

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How to restrict access to your Instagram page

If a user doesn’t want their page to be viewed by people they don’t know, you can hide the contents of your account. This feature is available to users who own ordinary pages. Owners of business accounts cannot set a limit on the views of their publications. In Instagram settings, there is such an item as restricting access to your account. In addition, you can restrict access not only to the entire profile but also to certain publications and stories. When placing a post, you must click on the “limit viewing of the publication” checkbox. Instagram users can also limit the ability to comment on their own posts. Moreover, you can limit the placement of other users ‘ statements not only at the stage of publishing a photo or video but also after some time. If you need to remove this restriction, you can also do it in the settings.

Why can’t I restrict access to my business account

The settings for regular accounts and business profiles are slightly different. If you want to develop your account to earn money, you need to create a business profile. Moreover, this format can be changed at any time. You can change your business account to a regular page using the Instagram settings. You cannot close access to such public pages. Open profiles of online businessmen are necessary for collecting statistical data. In the view statistics section, you can track daily user visits to your account. But even for owners of public pages on Instagram, it is possible to limit the writing of comments to users.

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How to block unwanted content on Instagram

If you see a post that violates the rules of the Instagram service, you must complain to the administration. To do this, click on the “report” button and specify the reason for your complaint. The administration will receive your message, and if the publication violates the rules of the service, it will immediately block this post. You can also send complaints about users who offend other Instagram users. Fraudsters and spam messengers are also at risk of being blocked. Instagram is prohibited from posting posts that call for violence or terrorism, texts that offend the feelings of believers, ads for drugs and weapons, as well as photos of naked children. If the photo or video contains elements of violence, you can also complain about this post. The Instagram administration can not only block these publications but also delete the account of their author.

What is allowed to post on Instagram

In addition to personal photos and videos, Instagram accounts can be maintained on various topics. Some people talk about their travels, some encourage users to start an online business, some share secrets of delicious and simple recipes, and even reviews of various products and services are also popular among Instagram users. The authors of these accounts not only share useful and interesting information but also earn money. Owners of popular profiles can earn income on Instagram, but to do this, you need to increase your own rating and get a lot of Instagram likes and followers. All posts must be posted in accordance with the rules of Instagram. Otherwise, there is a possibility of blocking the account without the possibility of restoring it.

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How to increase your Instagram account rating

There are different ways to increase the rating. But first of all, it is important to publish interesting and high-quality content. You can attract subscribers with various tricks, such as organizing repost contests. But, as practice shows, many bloggers have become successful and popular through the use of special services. For example, the All-SMM service helps novice Instagram account owners increase the number of likes, comments, reposts, and subscribers. The cost of the service depends on the selected package. And the more services will be ordered from the service specialists, the lower their cost. Contacting experienced professionals helps you save personal time, and in return, you get a promoted and popular account. And soon you can start making money using publications in this social network.

Rational use of Instagram helps many users to get a stable income, which can reach several thousand rubles per day. And mega-popular bloggers and famous personalities earn tens or hundreds of thousands of rubles. But it is important to know how to quickly and effectively promote your account in this social network. Use only the allowed methods of promoting personal pages in the Instagram app. If you don’t have time to use free ways to increase your profile rating, it’s better to use a proven service to promote your account in social networks.