Lifestyle Blogs as a Useful Way of Self-Expression

Lifestyle blog is the most realistic video that can be made by a blogger for the audience. Since this is a “live” video sequence, that is, the real life of a person, this style is considered simple, but it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The best lifestyle blogs will be appreciated if the authors are sincere (unless, of course, your style involves such behavior in your account).


  1. Variety of lifestyle blogs.

1.1. Blogs “Where to go?”

1.2. Photo reports.

1.3. Experimental life blogs.

1.4. Tips from the pros.

1.5. Thematic blogs and posts.

1.6. Communication with oneself.

  1. Features of life blogs.

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Variety of lifestyle blogs

Basically, for a “life blog” you need to shoot your life, nevertheless you need to make some efforts so that followers and other viewers do not get bored. This can be done by changing the format or adding a new idea.

Blogs “Where to go?”

This is a fairly common format. It is convenient both for locals in the city of the blogger, and for tourists who cannot decide on a “cultural program” during their planned trip to other cities and their attractions.

Photo reports

Photos or short videos will most fully illustrate your life, while avoiding the tedious and / or boring details. Visual content that looks more like a video than a full-length movie is what the contemporary social networks need.

Experimental life blogs

Lifestyle bloggers and their audience love to do all kinds of experiments on themselves or to check the life hacks found on the Internet. It is now popular and arouses genuine public interest. Look at what you could do, repeat the process of creating a craft or a useful thing and shoot it on video without editing, you get a real lifestyle. And if, in addition to this, you buy Instagram comments and likes, you have every chance to become the best life blogger on Instagram.

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Tips from the pros

If you understand any area of ​​a person’s life or know how to do something with your hands, have experience and qualifications in professional activities, advise the viewers something useful.

Thematic blogs and posts

Making a “live” video on a specific topic is easy: just select a topic that you can cover. For example, while traveling, it would be more logical to make a blog review about the country or city where you are currently traveling, local events, dates, etc. Shoot it all and express an opinion on what is happening around.

A blog list is also a good example of a theme-driven video. The list should not be the usual listing of something. Try to combine your experience and practical skills related to one specific issue in it. For example, the theme of such a life blog could be: “What to see in St. Petersburg in only two days”. More list options: cinemas, singers, food, best restaurants, etc.

Communication with oneself

Oddly enough, in moments of stagnation or exhaustion of ideas, there is an opportunity to “dig into oneself”, so to speak. This means that you and your followers will look at the work done from the outside – in such a situation, one of you will definitely have a new idea or remember a well-revised old one. This is especially important at the end of the year or month, as if summing up and telling about the work done in general.

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Features of life blogs

A characteristic feature of any “lifestyle” blog is precisely the emphasis on the author of the content. This means that no matter how beautiful and talented you are, for correct and competent blogging in a lively style you need to regularly (if not constantly) talk about yourself, showing your life.

There are no clear rules for creating blogs about your life, because this sphere is new and constantly evolving thanks to very different characters who appear on the Instagram arena with new ideas. Perhaps you should listen to your inner voice and share your thoughts with the audience.