The 5 Most Popular Trends in TikTok videos. Marketing Tips

TikTok is an app gaining its popularity quickly and combining the opportunities of a full-fledged social network and a powerful video editor. In the app, you can broadcast live streams, chat, shoot videos and share them with your friends and followers.


  1. Platform for earnings
  2. Ideas for video
  3. Karaoke
  4. Dancing
  5. Duets
  6. Slow Mo
  7. Sketch
  8. There is content – what’s next?

Platform for earnings

TikTok bloggers with a large number of fans are attracting the attention of advertisers, which makes it possible to make a good profit. In this regard, newbies often ask the question: how to gain TikTok followers? One of the most efficient ways to get TikTok followers free is to post interesting, popular videos regularly. We are ready to share the five main video options to be used for gaining the most views, likes and comments.

Ideas for video

1. Karaoke

Initially, the social network was known as, and it was devoted to karaoke-style videos that became its calling card. This option will be OK even for those out of tune – it is not necessary to sing, it is enough to lip-synch, look good and be proficient in facial expressions and gestures. If the videos look extraordinary, with the addition of various effects and filters, you can quickly get more likes and followers on TikTok.

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2. Dancing

Another popular genre is dancing. Most views and comments are collected by the videos where people dance really well. If you have done the dance class or can move really well, try developing in this direction. Do not post amateur videos where your movements look like cramps or a seizure. If a random person runs into an interesting video, preferably with some plot or humor, he will definitely start following you and be expecting the release of new videos.

3. Duets

Joint videos look exceptional and iconic. You can film a duet in two ways:

  • In real time mode, go to the user’s page, be sure to be added as a friend, and tap the phrase “Start duet now”. When a friend accepts the invitation, it will be possible to select music, playback speed, color filter, and so on.
  • By selecting a video already added to the profile of any user. The duets with celebrities attract special attention. Please note that offensive videos towards other users may cause your account to get blocked.

4. Slow Mo

TikTok is popular among the teenagers and young people aged 15-18 years, and this format is just very common among the younger generation. The essence is in the effect of slow motion – this option is available to all registered users of the social network. To achieve the greater effect, you should focus and work on the sound. Such videos gain a large number of views steadily and are displayed in the TOP. Other users are more likely to see your video in the recommended.

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5. Sketch

Short and funny videos could be shot in case you are a good actor, because no one is going to watch a dull face telling an old joke in a boring and monotonous voice. Do not be afraid to use your imagination and charisma by 100%!

There is content – what’s next?

So, you have already shot and posted some successful videos, but there is still no activity? Now, when your profile is already full, it’s time to cheat TikTok followers. Buying advertising is very expensive, and there is no guarantee people will join you, while cheat is a proven and reliable way. You will receive a live audience, not bots.

Please note that the administration of the social network monitors the activity indicators and a sharp increase in followers might cause blocking. Therefore, choose those services that guarantee a gradual, non-suspicious increase. You can also buy likes for TikTok – this will allow to bring your videos to the TOP and attract new fans. This way you will be able to monetize your account.