TikTok is a Perfect Combo of a Social Network and a Video Platform in One App

Nowadays instant messengers and social networks are developing actively and quickly. At first, they could be used for communication, sharing photos, audio records and videos. With the promotion of video content, there appeared TikTok and Instagram. The first one originates from China and was called differenly. However, today this service is well-known as TikTok.


• What is TikTok?

• TikTok features

• TikTok tutorial

• Authorization

• How to do special effects on TikTok

• How to duet on TikTok

• Conclusion

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network created in China in 2016. It is a platform where users can create and watch short videos, as well as edit them. This social network is different from all others.

TikTok has been reaching the top of popularity in the US and around the world rapidly, bypassing significantly the most popular social networks by the number of downloads: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

It is the record holder among all the most popular iconic music apps.

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A bit of history

The TikTok app appeared in 2016 and was called Douyin. It resembled the well-known app musical.ly, designed in 2014, which allowed users to make videos and post them in the network. It was a pretty serious competitor for TikTok. However, in 2017, the owners acquired Mysical.li and merged them in 2018. In a bit more than a year it overcame its major competitors within the country. It became super popular among the teenagers and young people who like shooting videos.

Its audience was 300 million people at the beginning of 2018. Nowadays, the app is used in forty countries by more than 500 million people. TikTok is supported by Android, Windows, iOS, there are apps both for PCs and smartphones.

The founder of the startup is Alex Zhu, who noticed teenagers making faces in the street while playing music and making selfies, and later adding their “videos” to the social networks. Thus he founded musical.ly, a karaoke app, where any user could record a short video with the help of lip-synching, and made it available in a separate social network. 500 people used the app during the first day.

Over the following year, it increased its audience, but, according to the founders, it was not as active as they would like it to. The decision was simple: adding a logo with the platform address and the name of the app to each video. In a month the audience grew ten times (numbers for the USA).


Users’ actions were monitored regularly, thanks to this musical.ly received a new functionality: answers to interesting questions, duets and so on. Later there appeared celebrities in the service. It helped the performers to promote their music and albums.

Today when the app combines both recording videos and being a social network, people wish to stay on this platform, because of its huge audience.

TikTok features

With the TikTok app smartphone turns into the mobile studio, where it is possible to implement the ideas about the video content. Artificial intelligence technologies and their active implementation make the process of creating video easy. But among other things there are also numerous special effects in the app. Certain algorithms select personalized individual videos for any user based on their interests.

An important feature of TikTok is creation of unique videos and the ability to share individual creativity all over the world, get likes and increase the number of followers.

The app implies the following functions:

• ability to comment videos;

• information exchange between friends and authors.

TikTok’s mobile platform makes shooting video an exciting hobby. Users have access to an impressive collection of interactive cuts and musical compositions from various TV shows and movies. This support base allows to make videos unforgettable and vivid. In addition, the user has an opportunity to choose the musical compositions out of those on his device.

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TikTok tutorial

The system is designed with an opportunity of posting videos for the general access. The most entertaining ones gain numerous fans around the world.


For this you can use:

• email address,

• phone number

• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

There is no full-fledged version for the PC for now. However, you can log in using a specially designed emulator program. Login for smartphones is possible using a mobile app.

How to make TikTok video: tools for creating videos

To record a video, tap a button with a camera on it and hold it during the filming.

It is also possible to film without holding the corresponding button, for this use the “countdown” function. After the recording time is selected and it “starts counting”, the app takes a few seconds and the recording starts automatically.

The length of the video can be no more than a minute, this is the maximum.

The video can be edited using images, and the transition from the images is also adjustable, both vertical and horizontal ones.

A great example of a video compilation is the movie “Boyfriend and girlfriend eventually” TikTok (called after the popular American song).

How to do special effects on TikTok

On the main recording screen there is access to the variety of special effects. It could be either a change or distortion of appearance with the help of glasses, wigs, false smiles and animals’ heads. The rain effect is possible when moving hands, while stopping it you will get the image of rain drops frozen in the air.

About forty color filters are available to the author. A change can be done either by a certain button or by swiping left and right on the screen.

Before recording or editing video it is possible to select music.

You can record videos using flashlight activated by the button.

After the video is filmed, there are following editing tools available (they will help to change the image visually, if necessary):

• Zoom – scaling;

• 70s – horizontal stripes;

• Soul – the effect of soul “leaving” the body;

• Leak – flashings as in old photos;

• Flash, etc.

The user can also add sound effects to his videos.

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How to duet on TikTok

Duets are possible on TikTok: with a friend, a stranger and even with your pet!

This type of shooting is not different from the ordinary selfie process.

To record a joint video-duo, select the video you like, tap the share button, select, and start recording.

A duo can also be done using two different videos. So you can become the author of the unique video that will gain many likes and views.


TikTok allows sharing interesting videos with friends and other users. The author can also use the help of specialized service to cheat the users number, and will only have to share interesting videos with the followers.